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Multicolour Printed BOPP Laminated PP Woven Sacks / Bags

Our expertise lies in Multicolour Printed BOPP Laminated Sacks/Bags which are made from the quality raw material and excellent printing, beautiful design, attractive display and aesthetic appearance which increase the brand value of your product.

BOPP Sacks is a made for packing minimum 5 kg to maximum 75 kg units, it has a new attractive look and quality which make us the leading brand to supply BOPP bags in India and our motive is to place our foot print world wide.

Characteristics of Biaxially Oriented Poly Propylene (BOPP)

High Tensile Strength

Excellent Clarity

Low Electrostatic Charge


Reverse Printing

Good Performance for High Speed Printing

Corona Treatment on both the sides

Technical Specifications:

UV Protection: 200 to 1600 hours

Denier (thickness of woven polypropylene strands): 600 above

Fabric Mesh: 4 x 4 to 16 x 16

Width: 25 cm to 125 cm 10″ – 47″

Length: As specified by the customer

Colours: As specified by the customer

Capacity: As specified by the customer

Printing: Up to 8 colours on one or both sides with corona treatment / manual printing

Lamination: 12″ – 33″

BOPP film Micron: 10,12,1518,21 Above

Market applications utilizing BOPP woven polypropylene bags include:

Food Products, Pet Food, Animal Feed, Cat Litter, Building Materials, Fertilizer, Resins, Chemicals

Printing of the Bags:

We use Rotogravures reverse printing technology to do printing in the BOPP films. Our machines have the capacity to do printing up to 8 colours on the single Bag, Through our well qualified technical and graphical department, we make the customized design which matches the customer products. And once the design is finalized, it goes for the engraving of cylinder as per the design, thereafter the process of printing can be done.